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Travel Mugs

Coffee To Go in your own cup

SIGG travel mugs for when you’re on the go are thermally insulated and keep your coffee or tea as hot as you like. Available in a range of colours and sizes, these travel mugs are ideal for those who don’t have time for a leisurely coffee, or even those who like to take their time to drink their coffee when they’re on the go.

Smart lid keeps drinks warm for a long time

Our stainless steel travel mug Miracle comes with a pollutant-free tritan lid and has a large opening for drinking as well as a safety button to close it and prevent leaks: To drink, press the back of the button with your finger – release to close. Pressing the button opens the lid and activates a system which then firmly closes the lid via a spring when it is not pressed. This means the lid of your SIGG thermal mug closes even if it is accidentally released and is even more leak-proof than conventional thermo cup.

Your new companion

All travel coffee mugs have double-walled vacuum insulation and they come in different colours. They are easy to clean and perfect for those who have a long commute in the morning and evening. The 0.3 L travel cup offers enough space for a large cup of coffee and the 0.5 L mug gives you that extra mug of coffee or tea for particularly long days.

Stylish and modern

SIGG travel mugs are available in differend styles and trendy colours, so there’s something for everybody. From the natural stainless steel look and classic black to modern glass travel mugs. The colour of each travel coffee cup is very subtle, but still gives the mug a visual highlight.

Easy to clean

The SIGG coffee mug is easy to clean, consisting of three parts that can all be separated from each other. The double-walled stainless steel mug has a large opening that does not taper, which makes it very easy to clean. The pressure cap can be separated from the top lid to make both parts even easier to clean.