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Despite industry’s notable contribution to global single-use plastic consumption in recent decades, the hospitality sector nowadays holds immense potential and influence to advocate for sustainable practices and substantially reduce plastic pollution.

Additionally, providing homely hydration is essential in guest experiences at hotel amenities. Ensuring guests are well-hydrated not only enhances their comfort but also elevates their mood, adding to a delightful stay experience.

Our innovative drinking water solutions in hospitality serve as essentials to both guest wellbeing and global sustainability, ensuring access to clean and safe water, while reducing the industry's reliance on single-use plastics and championing sustainable mindsets.

Reducing plastic usage in the hospitality industry not only fosters environmental stewardship but also yields economic benefits, leading to cost savings in procurement and waste management, and enhancing the overall reputation and appeal of businesses.


Top-tier F&Bs prioritize the caliber of every material they use, and surely filtered water is pivotal in the culinary journey of such venues, catering not just to the eco conscious diner but also meeting the nuanced water requirements of the kitchen.

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F&B Solutions

Based on the latest industry figures, disposable cups and bottles account for over 50% of the single-use plastics in the F&B sector. By transitioning to refill solutions, businesses can make a sizable dent in plastic waste. Addressing this pressing global issue, offering filtered refill water not only exemplifies an establishment's commitment to quality but also underscores its active participation in the drive towards a plastic-free environment and genuine social responsibility. Top-tier F&B establishments prioritize the caliber of every material they use. Filtered water is pivotal in the culinary journey of such venues, catering not just to the eco-conscious diner but also meeting the nuanced water requirements of the kitchen.

By investing in state-of-the-art water filtration systems, restaurants broadcast a lucid message: every facet of their service is designed to exceed industry norms, ensuring quality and safety. This meticulous attention to detail fosters trust and cultivates enduring loyalty among discerning patrons.

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Back-of-House Solutions

In the heart of the kitchen, filtered water takes on an essential role. It guarantees consistent cooking results and authentic flavors. Moreover, it enhances the longevity and efficiency of kitchen equipment by preventing mineral buildup, making it a vital asset for chefs and culinary endeavors.

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ProAcqua HRC BTI

Professional Water Dispenser with Internal Refrigerator Unit on Brushed Stainless Steel Body, Ideal for Offices or Public Areas

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Front-of-House Solutions

In the front of the house, offering filtered refill water is a profound gesture. It signifies the commitment to quality and guest wellbeing. It also underscores the venue's active participation in the plastic-free initiative, embracing a broader social responsibility, enhancing the overall guest experience.

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ProAcqua HRC IN

Professional Line Under Water Dispenser with Column Plugs Two or Three-Way Taps and Under-Counter Filter and Supply Unit

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