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Implementing advanced drinking water solutions in workplace environments is a strategic move that not only promotes the health and wellbeing of employees but also aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability. Our business solutions bring the ultimate upgrading for corporates seeking to promote the health and performance of their employees.

Introducing advanced drinking water solutions at work fosters employee health and significantly reduces single-use plastics, emphasizing our commitment to both well-being and environmental sustainability.

This dual focus on health and sustainability not only nurtures a positive work culture but also underscores a company's dedication to social and environmental responsibility, enhancing its reputation and appeal in the modern, conscientious market.

United Bluerise | Hospitality
United Bluerise | Hospitality

Meeting Venues

Accessing water purifier in meeting areas and board rooms is essential, ensuring participants stay hydrated with desirable water, promoting focused discussions and overall wellbeing.

United Bluerise | Hospitality

ProAcqua - OMDE Series

Contemporary Style Built-in Water Dispenser Micro-Filtered Temperatured Water with Touch Screen Glass Panel on Brushed Stainless Steel Body.

United Bluerise | Hospitality

Guest Lounges

Serving purified water in guest lounges is paramount, ensuring guests are provided with clean and safe water, reflecting the organization's commitment to health and hospitality.

United Bluerise | Hospitality

Swisspro - Clima Versa Smart

Suphisticated Touch Faucet Technology with 3 Stage Fiteration System and Discrete Under-Sink Units for Preparing Hot and Cold Water Just At A Finger Touch.

United Bluerise | Hospitality

Staff & Employees

Drinking purified water throughout the day is the most vital for staff and employees, ensuring optimal hydration and wellbeing while enhancing focus and productivity at workplace.

United Bluerise | Hospitality

ProAcqua - SLIM Line

Ultra Compact Water Dispenser with Filters and CO2 Cylinder Placed in a Compartment to be Placed on a Desk or Hung on Wall in Full Stainless Steel Body.

United Bluerise | Hospitality

Conventions Solutions

At MICE hospitality, hydration time is an important portion, ensuring the vitality and wellbeing of every guest.

Beyond the fundamental role of water in hydration, it also fosters a vibrant atmosphere, promoting alertness and engagement among attendees.

Providing ample access to clean, refreshing water isn't just a courtesy; it's a commitment to the physical and mental wellbeing of every audience and a pledge to uphold environmental responsibility.

Embracing sustainable practices by reducing plastic use further accentuates overall commitment to both the environment and the event's success.

Self-Serve Solutions

Self-Serve Solutions

Self-serve water stations at events and convention areas provide attendees with easy access to hydration, underscoring a commitment to environmental sustainability. This approach also yields substantial cost benefits for organizers.

United Bluerise | Hospitality

ProAcqua Smart / City / Slimline

Suited for commercial and catering applications including public outdoor or indoor area, or high end lounge areas.

Catering Solutions

Catering Solutions

Offering water solutions guarantees consistent access to premium hydration for guests. Such provisions not only enhance the attendee experience but also showcase the host's dedication to health, well-being, and sustainable practices.

United Bluerise | Hospitality

ProAcqua HRC BTI / BTIP / IN

Professional water dispensers with robust stainless steel housing and easy central dispensing point providing reliable quality water.

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