ProAcqua CITY Series

ProAcqua CITY Series

Outodoor Water Refill Station for Public Spaces Indoor/Outdoor Area Completely in Steel, Manufactured Entirely in the Factoryand Ready to Install

SKU: WF.39.7009
Features Community
Model CITY Series
Color Customize
Delivery Not Available to United States T&C

AED 103,800.00

VAT Inclusive

ProAcqua CITY Series
ProAcqua CITY Series


Designed for public spaces in open areas, walkways, and streets of modern cities, suitable for campus, parks, railway stations, schools and universities.  
This water dispenser is heavy duty, completely in steel, manufactured entirely in the factory and easy to transport and install at the site.

Dispenses room temperature and cold still water with cooling capacity up to 180 It/h with water temperature at 20 ° C
Vandal-proof design
Protection roof
Neoprene internal insulation
Water supply through vandal proof low voltage electric pushbuttons, programmable in terms of quantity and type of water
Support surface for bottles to be filled and for those already filled
Drip tray directly connected to the drain to avoid the leakage of water that could freeze in winter

ProAcqua CITY Series
ProAcqua CITY Series
ProAcqua CITY Series


  • Electronics for the management of payments by RFID card
  • Filtration system with microfiltration and activated carbon
  • Inlet water bactericidal UV lamp - Monitor 39" LED Video control
    Customization in the colors and graphics of the cards
  • 3G system for remote diagnostics, WiFi system for sending data to an FTP server
  • Reporting system accessible via web
  • Payment system through a coin validator, Payment system via smartphone, Banknote payment system, Credit card payment system

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