Self-Refill Concept
Next-Level Hospitality

Introducing refillable drinking water solutions in the leading F&B industry highlights a commitment to sustainability, reducing overal waste and conserving resources. This eco-friendly initiative enhances brand reputation and aligns with consumer expectations for environmental responsibility, positioning businesses as leaders in ecological stewardship.

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Premium and Sustainable

Swisspro leads the way in delivering premium quality and eco-friendly Swiss hydration solutions, adhering to the highest standards of product quality and efficiency. Committed to sustainability concepts, Swisspro ensures convenient access to superior refill drinking water while minimizing plastic use unwaveringly. As part of the Katadyn global group worldwide leader in filtration technology, Swisspro stands at the forefront of water purification innovation.

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Authentic and Masterful

ProAcqua Group was born to lead in top-notch market of drinking water production with Made in Italy products of high technical, quality and design profile. Leveraging the extensive expertise of its parent company, ProMinent Global Group, in water treatment plant manufacturing, ProAcqua Group pioneers cutting-edge water solutions that are meticulously designed and engineered, ensuring a combination of technological innovation and superior design standards.




SLIM LINE presents a professional, slim, and minimal wall-mounted dispenser, catering to self-service needs while ensuring hydration remains effortless and convenient for amy common areas. This heavy-duty dispenser isn't just functional; it is a tiny frame of art, thanks to its slim design and customized panel paired with seperated cooling unit. Equipped with optional sparkling water capability, it offers a premium hudration for all visitors and employees, and transforms the idea of refill water, setting a new standard for convenience, sustainability, and sophistication.


The OMDE Standard water dispenser, featuring a blend of glass and steel, integrates timeless design and premium quality into a distinctive element that elevates any modern kitchen, offering families convenient and limitless access to fresh water. 
Designed in black glass shell and brusted steel concaved part, OMDE seamlessly conforms to various kitchen colors and designs.