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What is Alkaline Water And Health Benefits

Alkaline Water
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Regular water for drinking is usually neutral having a pH value of 7, whereas alkaline water is somewhat basic with a pH of 8 or 9 which is in fact less acidic. Some believes that Alkaline Water has health benefits such as supporting immune system and improving digestion system but the affects not clinically approved yet. This article does not constitute any judgment on merely using either alkaline or acidic water, as the effect may vary under different circumstances.   


Benefits of Slightly Alkaline Water:

  • pH level balance: Some supporters of alkaline water claim that it may assist with balance the body’s neutral pH levels, which may grow too acidic as a result of factors such as nutrition and stress.
  • Better hydration: Some individuals believe that slightly alkaline water is more easily absorbed by the human body, which can aid enhance levels of hydration and overall health.
  • Improved digestion: Some people feel that water that is alkaline can help neutralise stomach acid, improving digestion and reducing acid reflux symptoms.
  • Improved bones health: Some evidence suggests that drinking water that is alkaline may help lower the risk of loss of bones and osteoporosis, though further studies are needed to validate these findings.
  • Antioxidant qualities: According to some research, alkaline water may contain antioxidant characteristics that might help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.


Medical Benefits of Slight Alkaline Water:

  • Acid reflux: Certain individuals feel that drinking water that is alkaline will help neutralise stomach acid, hence reducing acid reflux symptoms.
  • Hypertension: Some studies suggest that consuming alkaline water may assist persons with hypertension lower their blood pressure.
  • Osteoporosis: Some study suggests that consuming alkaline water might lower the incidence of loss of bone and osteoporosis, but additional research is needed to validate these findings.
  • Diabetes: Some research suggests that consuming alkaline water may assist improve blood sugar management in diabetics.
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Any difference between Hydrogen water & Slight Alkaline Water?

Although they may have some similarities, slightly alkaline water & hydrogen-rich water aren’t the same thing. The pH of slightly alkaline water is more than 7, indicating that it is more alkaline than water that is neutral (which possesses a pH of 7). While there is limited evidence from science to back these claims, certain individuals believe that consuming water that is alkaline can help regulate the body’s neutral pH levels and bring health advantages.

Although certain hydrogen-rich water may be mildly alkaline, the two words refer to different water qualities. Although slightly alkaline water has a higher pH, it may not contain hydrogen gas and so may not give the exact same health advantages as hydrogen-rich water.


Finally, the decision among hydrogen-rich water and slightly alkaline water will come down to personal preference and particular health demands.



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Note: Alkaline water shouldn’t be used in place of additional medical procedures or lifestyle changes. Before making any major alterations to your nutritional habits or lifestyle, consult with your doctor.


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