Aquifer 360 AFD Watermaker

Aquifer 360 AFD Watermaker

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The Aquifer 360 watermakers offer an easy-touse, lightweight, and portable way to purify water from virtually any water source. This system can provide 15 gallons/hour (57 Liters/hour) of purified water from salty, brackish, or freshwater. The Aquifer 360 is available in 12V or 24V DC and all Aquifers come standard with Spectra’s unique Clark Pump energy recovery device, a product flow meter, pressure gauge, and a hand-held salinity monitor.  The Aquifer series is ideal for emergencies, disaster relief, expeditions, military, and recreation. These units are built using Spectra’s revolutionary and proprietary Clark Pump, a high-pressure intensifier that makes the watermaker so energy efficient that they are easily powered by solar panels.

SKU: WM.45.2055-1
Model Landbase
Article HFD-PS40-LAND
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Products Information

The HFD is a portable water solution that can deliver purified drinking water from virtually any source, including fresh, brackish, or seawater.  Based on the proven PowerSurvivor 40E, this rugged watermaker operates with unprecedented energy efficiency using BB-2590 DC batteries, solar power, NATO slave power, or common battery voltages.  The HFD was originally developed for the USAF Guardian Angel Program and has been adapted to meet the needs of land based forces.  


Water source:muddy water, Clear Water, Salt water, Tap Water
Group size:>10
Product type:Motor operated
Effective against:microorganisms, bacteria, protozoa, cysts, virus, Bad taste, Chemicals, Salt
Product category desalination:Land based, portable
Industrial Water Treatment:desalination
System type:analog
Water Source:DC
Output per Time (gal/L):6.3 l (1.67 gal)
Capacity Rating (gal/L day):151 l (40 gal)
Salt rejection:98.4% (min. 96%)
Weight:22 kg (48.5 lbs)
Usage:12v DC 4A 32 Watts/1 gal. 8.5 Watts/1 liter
Length:49.5 cm
Height:21.5 cm
Width:60 cm

Making Water, Drinking Water

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