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For when you’re really hungry - SIGG Lunch boxes

At SIGG, we believe that hydration is very important. But we also know that what you eat is at least as important as what you drink. With the SIGG range of lunch boxes, your food stays the way you prepared it and looks good at the same time. We have developed two different models so that the classic lunch can be stored just as easily as a fresh salad or a hearty stew: The simple lunch box made of aluminium and the insulated lunch box made of stainless steel.

Classic or Thermo?

Choose your lunch box in your favourite colour and style to suit your needs: The classic lunch box comes in two sizes and colors. With its secure lid that closes the lunch box with two clips and a sealing ring, the SIGG lunch box can store your meals safely.
The thermo lunch jar in 0.3L and 0.5L keeps food warm for a long time. The insulated food jar can also keep salads and other cold dishes fresh. This is a particularly useful feature for the summer.

Meal Prep for Everyone

Your SIGG lunch boxes promote healthier eating and can help you save money by not having to eat out every day. "Meal prep” is where you prepare your own food and don't have to rely on food prepared by other people. Decide what lunch or snacks you want and don't be tempted by fast food. You don't even need to have any particularly fancy meals in your lunch box. Just a sandwich, some fruit and maybe a chocolate bar can help recharge your batteries at work or when you're on the move.

Different designs and useful accessories

We have different lunch boxes for every age group, from cool designs for kids to double-walled insulated lunch boxes for your next outdoor adventure.
For our aluminium lunch boxes and thermo lunch boxes, we also offer accessories such as silicone inserts and polypropylene separators or small bowls so that you don't have to eat straight from your lunch box. The silicone accessories are dishwasher safe.

Capture your kids' imagination with a personalised lunch or take a bento box to work yourself.