RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier Onyx

RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier Onyx

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Smart Water Purifier with Latest Aerospace RO Filtration Technology and Hydrogen-Rich and Multi-Stage Temperature Control

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Features Countertop
Model Rhone +
Color Matt Onyx
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RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier
RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier
RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier
RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier
RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier
RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier
RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier
RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier
RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier
RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier

4-Layer Purifying Technology

Aerospace Reverse Osmosis Technology strontium-rich mineralized filter element together with carbon composite filter element

RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier

3-Second Instant Heating

Advancing by Rare-Earth Thick-Film heating technology, this 3rd Generation of instant hot water will only need 3-second to be prepared

RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier

6-stage Temperature Control

Easy to take cold, hot or ambient water or just suitable water for making tea, coffee, baby milk or any other application at your comfort

RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier

Hydrogen-Rich Water

Technology of nano-bubbles Hydrogen-rich water leaves a great intensity of hydrogen in water considered as the body immense health booster

RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier

Continuous Sterilization

Built-in UV-C LED sterilization and disinfection by deep ultraviolet light which has shown great promise in providing effective sterilization

RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier

Direct Tap Water

The advantage of direct connection is to intake tap water directly, so completely hassle-free from refilling the tank or running out of water

RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier

CRESS Rhone Plus is the machine with great number of features and extraordinary quality of water, thanks to latest revers osmosis technol­ogy practiced in aerospace industry. The new technology of Hydro­gen nano-bubbles makes it yet another globally prefered water purifi­er, simple and healthy!

The funcinality displayed on screen makes every member of home to enjoy ease and comfort. The minimal design concept allows you to enjoy having it in any contemporary, modern or classic environment.


Research has shown that Hydrogen-rich water could be one of the best antioxidants for our health


Enhance Mind & Body

Drinking molecular hydrogen water daily will help you recover faster after workouts and maximize physical endurance as well as greatly improving memory and sleep


Feel Young & Fresh

Studies have shown over time that drinking Hydrogen-rich water can help you recover faster, look younger, control weight balance, and feel better rapidly


Improve Immune System

Drinking 2-3 Liters Hydrogen-rich water a day keeps the energy levels high and makes your immune system strong


Serve as Antioxidant

Molecular hydrogen has been shown to search and neutralize some of the most toxic free radicals in our bodies

Advanced Purification

3-Layer Reverse Osmosis Technology

Level 1:

PAC composite filter element

Intercepting large particles of sediment, rust suspended solids and other impurities in water. while removal of residual chlorine, odor, color and etc.

PAC Filter Element
RO Filter Element
Level 2:

RO membrane
(200G high flux)

Using high-tech space RO technology theoretically assists in purifying down to 0.0001 microns. and filtering out the bacteria. chemical pesticide residues, radioactive particles, residual chlorine. Micro-organisms, organic substances and other harmful substances.

Level 3:

Natural micro-mineralized carbon rod filter

Enhancing water quality characteristics; making sure that water is slightly alkaline. While the water is rich enough in trace elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium.

CF Filter Element
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United Bluerise
United Bluerise

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Products Specifications

RHONE+ Hydrogen Rich Water Purifier
Rated net water volume:2000L(water batch)
Water flow:30L/h
Rated voltage/frequency:220V-/50Hz
Power consumption:0.1kw • h/24h
Applicable water temperature:4-38°C
Raw water tank capacity:Unlimited
Waste water tank capacity:Unlimited
Applicable water source:Direct tap water
First stage filter:PAC composite filter
Second stage filter:200G reverse osmosis membrane filter
Third stage filter:Natural micro-mineralized
carbon rod filter
Rated power:2200W
Hot water capacity:18L/H (>90°C)
Work pressure:0.4•0.8MPa
Shell material:ABS
Product Size:345x240x430mm
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