CORE 3-Stage Filteration Box

CORE 3-Stage Filteration Box

Unique Design Slim 3-Stage Filter Container Compatible with Swisspro Product

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Model CORE Filter Box
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CORE 3-Stage Filteration Box


Filters produced by world famous Katadyn, the leading manufacturer of high quality portable water filtration systems since 1928.

  • Basic versatile system connects to all appliances
  • Optimised, space saving design
  • Installed above the sink or hidden perfectly below the sink
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install
  • 1 year warranty


SAN Series Tap Mixer

Advanced Purification

3-Layer Reverse Osmosis Technology

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Products Specification

3 Step Filtration Process:

Step 1 Preliminary filter – filters out suspended solids, like rust and sand particles, of size more than 5 microns

Step 2 Activated Carbon Filter – removes chemicals, odours, chlorine, heavy metals as well as health-threatening by-products effectively. Improves and enhances the natural taste of drinking water 

Step 3 Ceramic Microfiltration – removes more than 99.99% microorganisms and bacteria based on unique 0.2 micron microceramic that prevents recontamination

CORE 3-Stage Filteration Box
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