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Lunchbox Aluminum Plus S Alu

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As the representative of SIGG in the middle-east, this sustainable approach aligns with the goals of United Bluerise

We are SIGG. Taking care of the environment is our goal. That is why we offer sustainable alternatives to disposable PET bottles. We haven’t just been doing this since the latest UN climate report, but for over 100 years. In our company, tradition and innovation go hand in hand – our drinking bottles have cult status and are always setting new standards. Even in times of change, we remain true to our values and focus on quality, innovation, design and environmental awareness.

“Environmental awareness lays in the heart of our vision, values and company history. Looking in the past, it was the need to reuse the excess waste aluminium material that brought to life our first reusable water bottles! Ever since that day we are committed to provide innovative and climate friendly products to our customers.”